Looking for a league?

I’ve received several e-mails over the past couple of months asking me the best way to go about finding a competitive fantasy baseball league for 2008. I’ve e-mailed everyone back with a few suggestions, but here’s a potentially better one.

Anyone who wishes to play in a competitive league next year and doesn’t mind playing with people you’ve never met before, send me an e-mail informing me of your interest. Once I get enough e-mails (at least 8), I’ll put everyone in touch with each other, and you guys can work out the details. If I get a really large response to this, I’ll separate you guys into multiple leagues.

It can be difficult finding a competitive league to play in that is worth your time and is rewarding to play in and win. If you strictly play with your friends, it’s rare you have 10 or 12 who all take fantasy baseball seriously enough.

I think this is a good solution, as I think most of our regular readers can be counted on to stay interested the entire year. If you don’t plan on sticking with the league, please do not e-mail me. The purpose of this is to compile a competitive league that isn’t compromised by people giving up midway through. So if you’re serious about it and would like some competition, send me an e-mail, and I’ll see what I can do to help.

On an unrelated note, I’ll probably be back tomorrow or Sunday with a player profile.

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