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Dear all,

In light of the fairly recent merger between The Hardball Times and FanGraphs’ RotoGraphs, the leadership at both sites has plans to better define the two sites as their own separate entities, while simultaneously increasing the distribution of content between them. Let me explain in further detail.

Our vision is that The Hardball Times will be a site of big-picture writing, strategically focused and research driven; RotoGraphs will continue its up-to-the-minute player analysis, roster-driven, mostly. Now, let it be said immediately that this is not a hard-and-fast classification: you’ll still see some short form pieces on THT, and will see some research projects at FanGraphs. But this new system is designed so projects can run across platforms so writers from both sites can contribute more dynamically.

If you are interested in writing research-driven pieces or series, or heavily strategic articles (draft strategy, team makeup, many-year trends, long-term thoughts and observations, etc.), please shoot me an email at

Stay tuned for more details. And most of all: good luck drafting.

Cheers for now,
Nick Fleder & The Hardball Times Fantasy Staff

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