New writers and announcements

I wanted to take a minute today to introduce you to a new crop of writers for THT Fantasy.

New writers

Josh Smolow also writes at Beyond the Boxscore and Amazin’ Avenue and will contribute player analysis through the lens of PITCHf/x. Check out this great article about R.A. Dickey for an idea of what to expect. He posted his first article for THTF yesterday about Brett Myers.

Brad Johnson‘s name might sound familiar as he has been writing for THT Live for the past couple months. He’s a terrific writer and analyst who should beef up our player coverage.

Alex Zelvin‘s name might also sound familiar as this will be his second tour with THTF. Alex runs (a terrific resource, if you’re not yet familiar with it) and will resume writing about daily leagues for THTF.


For those who haven’t yet, head on over to The Book Blog to participate in Tom Tango’s Fan Scouting Report project. It appears he’s still in particular need of Marlins fans to fill out ballots, but I’m sure a fan of any team would be welcome. The data generated from this project can be very useful (and you’ll likely see me make use of it during the off-season), so head on over and help out if you’ve seen 10+ games for any team in 2010. Read all the directions, and don’t let the stats influence your opinion one drop. Fill it out based solely on what your eyes tell you.

Finally, the CardRunners Expert League is starting to look towards season two. To any fantasy baseball writers who have followed the goings-ons of the league this year and would be interested in joining myself, Jeff Erickson, Jason Grey, Peter Kreutzer, Chris Liss, and Joe Sheehan, please contact Eric Kesselman to express interest.

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