Roster Doctor

11 team mixed roto with 2 UT spots in the lineup
Scoring categories:
Hitters: R, H, HR, RBI , AVG, SB, BB, OPS
Pitchers: W, L, SV, K, ERA, WHIP, K/BB

C Jorge Posada
1st Russell Branyan
2nd Aaron Hill
3rd David Wright
SS Michael Young
OF Carl Crawford
OF Adam Jones
OF Adam Lind
UT Alex Rodriguez
UT Franklin Gutierrez
BN Garrett Jones
BN Casey McGehee
BN Seth Smith
BN Colby Rasmus

SP Felix Hernandez
SP Javier Vazquez
SP Roy Halladay
SP John Lackey
RP Mariano Rivera
RP Andrew Bailey
RP Matt Capps
RP Leo Nunez
BN David Price
BN Kevin Millwood
DL Matt Lindstrom

I have a few trade offers on the table:

1. Branyan and Nunez for Mark Reynolds

2. Branyan, Young, Rasmus, Lackey for Jimmy Rollins, Alexei Ramirez, Kevin Youkilis

3. Bailey and McGehee for Brian Wilson

I would do the trades in the following order: Branyan et al for Youkilis et al, then Bailey and McGehee for Wilson and then lastly, maybe, Branyan and Nunez for Reynolds.

The Youkilis trade is great for you. You are getting the best player in the trade, which is usually a good sign in leagues with less than 12 teams. In fact, Ramirez vs. Young is probably a toss up, depending on how much you need speed. Finally, who wouldn’t want to be sitting on Rollins’ upside but not be forced to start him?

I’d give up on McGehee, particularly now that the Brewers have filled some infield needs through trades. Bailey’s a good, young reliever but Wilson should be a better source of saves coming down the stretch.

Lastly, I’d probably do the Branyan trade, particularly if you can also do the Wilson trade. I think you’re getting the best player in this deal as well as long as you can sacrifice Reynolds’ lower batting average for his added speed. If you don’t need stolen bases, then maybe I’d think twice.

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manager in question
manager in question

no deal on the first two trade proposals
in fact the other guy in #2 wants either Crawford or Wright.
Any opinions out there?.
Drop Lackey and Young out of the deal and add Wright?


I would. At this point, at best Wright and Youk are a wash in terms of value.  Probably Youk is a better bet in terms of RBIs and runs, but less so in steals of course. You’ll make up for the lost steals but moving Arod to 3B and using Ramirez or Rollins in the Util.  You’re also free to play matchups more with your Middle infielders and you’ll be able to replace injuries much more effectively….