Smoltz looks beyond 2009

John Smoltz, to WEEI:

The reason I had surgery was not to just come back for one year. Having surgery certainly quality of life was part of it, but I could have waited to have that. To have surgery at this point, when I did, and not try to milk anymore of the rest of that season, the reason I did that was to pitch well beyond.

Yeah, well Tom Glavine had big plans too.

Look, I’d love nothing more than to see Smoltz (a) get shelled by the Braves on Friday; and then (b) pitch several more wonderful years after that. But how about he throw at least one pitch in a Major League game this year before we start talking about next year, OK?

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Just saw this—Smoltz will start on June 25th, and he will not, according to the schedule, face the Braves.

But yeah, I totally agree. People have always praised Smoltz for his competitive spirit, but that can be a double-edged sword.