The daily grind 6-7

The Daily Grind provides daily match-up advice based on my every-morning waiver wire search. I welcome advice to help make this column more effective. Ownership rates are from Yahoo!

Today’s grind

I’d avoid the pitchers today. You could tryJ.A. Happ, Brian Matusz or Henderson Alvarez if you’ve got big balls, but don’t hold me accountable when they blow up.

Rajai Davis is getting full time work which resulted in two steals and a home run yesterday. His ownership is up to six percent and set to skyrocket. He faces Jake Peavy today but that isn’t why you want to pick him up.

Daniel Nava is set to face Matusz. The switch-hitter has had a great start to his season and is another guy you could consider rostering for more than a couple days.

For some reason, I expect Nate Schierholtz to start against Jason Marquis.

Kirk Nieuwenhuis has been on most of my rosters for so long that I forget he’s freely available. Can anyone explain this phenomenon? In any case, he’ll face Chien-Ming Wang whose name is funny because chien means “dog” in French.

I’ll give “lefty-masher” Shelley Duncan another chance. He’s failed to mash lefties in any sort of manner the last few times I’ve recommended him. If he can’t mash Casey Crosby, he won’t be invited back to TDG.

Tomorrow’s grind

If Chase Utley is on your league’s waiver wire, consider rostering him for tomorrow. Call it a gut feeling.

Felix Doubront has a manageable match-up against the Nationals.

Travis Wood is flaky, but so is the Twins offense. Which is flakier? We find out tomorrow.

Nathan Eovaldi isn’t awesome or anything, but neither is the Mariners offense. Which is less awesome? We find out tomorrow.

Despite the fact that that Craig Gentry never seems to do anything when I recommend him, he’s facing a lefty tomorrow, so give him a look.

Reliever watch

Jim Johnson earned the coveted blown save, vulture win.

Santiago Casilla has been available in emergency situations the past two games. Expect him to rest a few more days before returning to the closer role.

Huston Street was activated prior to last night’s game. I guess that means you can cut Dale Thayer now.

Yesterday’s results

As you’ll recall, I missed yesterday so I have make-up work to do. I’m going to list only the positive results today.

Using Recurrent Neural Networks to Predict Player Performance
Technology is rapidly advancing possibilities in decision-making.

Chris Young was very Chris Young: 5 IP, 2 K, 3.40 ERA, 1.40 WHIP

Decent outing for A.J. Burnett, but good fantasy numbers. He got the win along with: 5 IP, 8 K, 5.40 ERA, 1.80 WHIP

Matt Adams liked Lucas Harrell. He mashed a healthy 2-for-4 with one home run, two runs, and three RBI.

A lovely 4-for-5 evening for Gerardo Parra with one home run, three runs, and one RBI.

If you made the ballsy choice with Wei-Yin Chen, you earned yourself a win: 7 IP, 4 K, 1.29 ERA, 1.00 WHIP

James Loney was 2-for-4 with one walk, one run, and one RBI.

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Regarding Nieuwenhuis, I think what really moves the ownership needle are hr and sb, and his 3 each is meh.  As for Rajai Davis, I have had him in and out of my lineup for a few weeks now and have yet to get a sb, which I desperately need from him.  It seems every time I start him he goes 0fer.  Naturally he was benched last night.

Brad Johnson
Brad Johnson

I think I’ve used Davis the exact opposite as you, I’ve used him about 4-5 times in the last two weeks and caught last night’s performance as well as that 2 HR game of his.

Will H.
Will H.

I’m more surprised Adams is available than Nieuwenhuis, actually. Oh, and I thought Marquis was DFA’d. Maybe I just made what only made sense reality in my head…

Brad Johnson
Brad Johnson

If he was DFA’d, wasn’t informed.

It makes sense but the Twins lack pitchers. Marquis can at least munch some innings. I assume they would have signed Moyer if a first place team hadn’t made him an offer.

Adams is available because theoretically there shouldn’t be an open spot for him. Craig clearly needs to start every day and probably not in the outfield.