The daily grind: 7-13

The Daily Grind provides daily match-up advice based on my every-morning waiver wire search. I welcome advice to help make this column more effective. Ownership rates are from Yahoo!

The Fanduel picks are a mixture of Daily League specific advice and information for the more typical fantasy owner.

Today’s grind

Already we have some changes between yesterday and today. Those in leagues with same-day moves should refer back to yesterday’s table.

The Fanduel Daily League Players of the Day are:

Pitcher (to start): I’d shell out some money on Clayton Kershaw against the Padres today as the “cheap” pitchers aren’t out there or have bad match-ups. You could consider Christian Friedrich against the Phillies.

Pitcher (bum): I just have a feeling that the Blue Jays are going to squeeze the fun out of Justin Masterson tonight.

Hitter (power): Adam Lind against Justin Masterson. Lind has been warm since returning to the show and Masterson is known to have a bit of a weakness for left-handed power hitters. Second choice is Jonny Gomes against Francisco Liriano. That’s a TTO highlight reel in the making.

Hitter (speed): David Murphy against Kevin Millwood. Millwood seems to nut up when I pick against him, but that trend has to end eventually, right? Murphy’s a great pick in that he does a little bit of everything. Second choice is Ben Revere against A.J. Griffin.

Tomorrow’s grind

It’s another day with scant pitching options.

Joe Saunders is coming off the disabled list for a friendly match-up with the Cubs, but I’d hardly be keen to pick him up.

If you have the cojones, Clay Buchholz is also returning from the disabled list. We’ve seen two versions of Buchholz this year, one that is good and one that is utterly devastating to fantasy rosters.

Tommy Milone against the Twins is yet another non-perfect option. He’s the one I’d go with in a pinch.

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Team Player Handedness Opposing Pitcher
  Raul Ibanez L Jerome Williams
  Luke Scott L Clay Buchholz
  Carlos Pena L Clay Buchholz
Blue Jays      
  Adam Lind L Ubaldo Jimenez
  Rajai Davis R Ubaldo Jimenez
  Ryan Doumit S Tommy Milone
  Denard Span R Tommy Milone
  Ben Revere L Tommy Milone
  Alberto Callaspo R Freddy Garcia
  Brandon Moss L Cole De Vries
  Jemile Weeks S Cole De Vries
  Coco Crisp S Cole De Vries
  Seth Smith L Cole De Vries
  Juan Pierre L Jeremy Guthrie
  Jesus Flores R Mark Buehrle
  Tyler Moore R Mark Buehrle
  Chris Johnson R Tim Lincecum
  J.D. Martinez R Tim Lincecum
  Jordan Schafer L Tim Lincecum
  Norichika Aoki L Kevin Correia
  Pedro Alvarez L TBA
  Casey McGehee R TBA
  Garrett Jones L TBA
  Drew Sutton S TBA
  Jon Jay L Mike Leake
  Tyler Colvin R Vance Worley
  Yasmani Grandal S Aaron Harang
  Yonder Alonso L Aaron Harang
  Will Venable L Aaron Harang

If you’re looking for power, Moore has a good match-up against the always crafty Buerhle. I also like the Smith versus De Vries match-up and might take another look at Lind for a second straight day.

Pierre has a great match-up against Guthrie, but the funny thing about Pierre-type players is they’re almost match-up neutral. He’ll put the ball in play against anyone and it either sees its way through the infield or it doesn’t. The usual suspects—Revere and Davis—are available too.

Notes on the project

Positions WILL make it into the table at some point. I’ve marked it as a low priority fix since I think most of you have a general sense as to everyone’s eligibility.

I forgot the @ to mark home or away today but I will work that in next week.

Consider yesterday’s results officially dropped.

If you haven’t guessed it, we’re sponsored by Fanduel. I like the site a lot—it’s intuitive and fun.

This feels to me like the general look and feel I’d like to settle on. Thoughts?

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Will H.
Will H.

Hey Brad,

So all 28 hitters in the table are considered good plays? I’d think it more useful to differentiate who is the better play rather than offer so many names. But maybe I’m misunderstanding the intent. Just my two cents.


How do you feel about Quintana’s start today? I’m on the fence, but it’s a long week so one bad outing won’t hurt too bad…


Looking really good.


This is what I’m talkin bout.  Keep it up.

Joe Saunders is a good choice.  I think you overlooked Marco Estrada and Aaron Harang.

Brad Johnson
Brad Johnson


Marco Estrada is a definite play. I’m using him in several leagues. has the Brewers pitcher listed as TBA which is why I forgot him this morning.

Harang always kills me. Always. I’m done with him.

And on missing guys, I know ESPN’s probable pitcher data is better, but my brain refuses to process their UI at 6:00 AM. It adds a good 5 minutes to writing the article all told.

And frankly, I’m on a very tight schedule.

Scott C
Scott C

Brad – TDG is one of the few sites I check daily, great job keep it up!  I feel like you have a few too many hitters in the chart, but other than that, the upgrades are sweet!  Thanks!!

Brad Johnson
Brad Johnson
Scott, That might be true. I’m currently trying to offer a “choose your own adventure” type of experience while also offering my favorite choices below the chart. The column will likely be a living experiment for a few weeks. I wish I had a few more options for manipulating that table. I’m staring at a 28 inch screen right now, so the right half of the page is completely unused. I wonder if I’d break anything if I tried to split the tables into AL/NL and lay them side by side… It’s too late for many of the Fanduel games,… Read more »

FYI: denard span is a lefty