The homestretch

I know I haven’t posted in a while, and I’ve been meaning to give you guys a reason. I’ve been hoping to have something noteworthy to write about and add this as a side-note, but nothing has really come up.

The reality is that the regular season (and the fantasy baseball season) is nearly over. Right now, there’s very little you can do, strategically to improve your chances of winning your league. At this point, you simply need to wait it out and see what happens. You can make waiver wire additions, carefully manage how you approach your innings limit, and maximize at-bats, but aside from that, the game is really out of your hands. In many leagues, the winner has already been decided (barring some incredible twist of fate).

As such, there hasn’t been much to write about lately. I could do player profiles, but I’d rather wait until the season is over and we have the final stats to work with.

That being said, I don’t see myself writing another column until next Monday, the day after the final game of the season. If something huge comes up, of course I’ll have something to say, but it’s likely you won’t hear from me again until Monday. I’m really anxious to get back to writing, though, so if someone has an idea for what I could talk about to fill in this week’s lull, please let me know!

Thank you for your support throughout the season, good luck in your fantasy leagues down the homestretch, and I look forward to helping you prepare for 2008!

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