The Lansford Family

From the Dept. of Things I Did Not Know, comes Jared Lansford, son of Carney, pitcher for the Athletics:

Jared Lansford is on the A’s list to pitch today at Scottsdale against the Giants. The Giants’ hitting coach is Carney Lansford, Jared’s father. “I’ve been hearing about it the last couple of days,” Jared Lansford said with a laugh just as a teammate began joshing him about how many hits the Giants might rack up.

Yeah, if they follow their hitting coach’s advice they may very well rack up a few hits because he was a good one. By the same token, if Carney does any coaching of the Giants’ third basemen, Jared could just tell his teammates to hit grounders to the left side, and everything would even out.

In other news, the fact that a player who was still active when I was in college has a kid old enough to be pitching for a Major League club makes me feel really, really old.

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I don’t think that should make you feel old. After all, Roger Clemens was still active when I was in college, four years ago, and his son has been in the minor leagues for two or three years. If he was any good, he’s be in the majors by now.


Jeeze, I’m not that much older than Craig, but heck …

Ken Griffey Sr. retired a couple years *after* I graduated from college; his boy has put together a Hall of Fame career.

Sarge Matthews was active in the majors when I was in college; his kid is now a rich washed up has-been.

Jose Cruz was still kicking around in Houston when I was in college; Jose Cruz, Jr. has come and long since gone.

Shoot Tug McGraw retired right around when I started college, and his daughter-in-law is old enough that she is no longer a Covergirl makeup spokesmodel.