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  • Jason at IIATMS has a couple of good pieces today. First is the one about media and steroids I linked this morning, but is worth linking again. Second is a close look at the incentives in Freddy Garcia’s contract, which Jason promises to be the first in a series of similar posts. Most people would kick a chair when they’re angry with a bad player on their team. Jason does research.
  • The Common Man warns us not to worry too much about the prospect of A-Rod breaking the home run record because he’s no more immune to the ravages of time than are the rest of us.
  • I couldn’t give a pair of fetid dingos kidneys about the WBC, but if you do, but are having trouble finding a rooting interest, Jorge Says No! has a list of five candidates for you.
  • tHeMARksMiTh has been humming right along, providing us with multiple doses of baseball history each day. Monday was fun: It was the 20th anniversary of Darryl Strawberry throwing a punch at Keith Hernandez. Not coincidentally, it was the 20th anniversary of the beginning of the end for what could have been a dynasty.
  • Ron Rollins’ Baseball Over Here notes how the International Federation of Softball has told baseball to shove it as the former does everything it can to get back into the Olympics, while baseball seems to be rather lackadaisical about the whole thing. Ron sides with softball here, and has some choice words for Mr. Selig in the process.
  • After what happened yesterday, Fack Youk thinks Brian Cashman had better give Jeter a contract extension.
  • Finally, Wezen-Ball is doing a preview of previews, aggregating the season previews of the Sporting News, Athlon and Lindy’s. He’s in the NL East right now, with many in the can already.
  • Click around, kids, there’s a lot of good stuff out there.

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    Craig, I know you’ve talked about this somewhat before, but please enlighten me as to just why you’re so vehemently unconcerned about the WBC.  I mean, I’m not going to follow every pitch or buy myself a South Africa jersey, but more baseball is a good thing, right?  The chance to see players from other countries (Japan and Cuba, especially) is pretty cool.  When else will you get to see Yu Darvish pitch?

    Yeah, it’s a little contrived and it probably won’t be the best baseball ever played, but it should still be fairly high quality.  So what gives?

    Craig Calcaterra
    Craig Calcaterra

    Daniel—I had answered this at length about a half hour ago, but I liked my answer so much I decided to turn it into a post, which will go live in about five minutes.