The Rangers are the tops

ESPN has published Keith Law’s annual organizational rankings, and on the top of the list is the Texas Rangers. Keith says that the Rangers have done it every which way, including the draft, the international free agent market and, of course, via trades:

And the Rangers have worked the trade market to add prospects, cashing in Mark Teixeira for a huge package that included Feliz and Elvis Andrus, flipping Kenny Lofton for Max Ramirez and more recently dealing Gerald Laird for Melo and Guillermo Moscoso.

It was this point that made me cringe a bit as a Braves fan, because I fear that my team has given up too much in misguided trades recently. Keith! Tell me it will be OK!

4. Atlanta Braves: Still one of the best and deepest systems in the game despite the trades for Mark Teixeira and Javier Vazquez. Scouting director Roy Clark and his staff are among the game’s best, with a knack for finding talent beyond the first round while they remain quietly productive on the international front.

Ah . . . that’s better.

Keith’s top prospects list — the must-read of the offseason — will start going live today.

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Pete Toms
Pete Toms
What will happen with Daniels is interesting.  Everything I read ( KL & BA i.e. ) is super positive about the talent in the Rangers’ system.  Will Hicks be patient enough with Daniels to endure some more losing before they get better?  ( if they do )  The presence of Ryan makes me wonder….he seems to have a lot of influence and doesn’t strike me as the sort who would mesh with an “objective analysis” sort such as Daniels.  Anyway, in a nutshell, if they stink this year will Ryan & Hicks push Daniels out before his great work bears… Read more »