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The Hall of Fame Veterans Committee’s voting results are out, and the lone, lucky inductee was Joe Gordon. Sorry Mr. Santo. Mr. Allen, Mr. Torre, Mr. Pinson, Mr. Oliva, and everyone else on the list.

The voting was divided up into post-1942 and pre-1943 voter’s pools, which makes some degree of sense. Among the former I would have gone with Dick Allen, Ron Santo, and Joe Torre (even though this is technically about Torre-as-player, it is my understanding that the rules allow for consideration of his managerial career, and between the two of those he has certainly earned it). Neyer’s reasoning on these guys can be found here.

I’m way less confident in the pre-1943 choices. I will note that if I were going to do a Keltner list for Carl Mays, I wouldn’t be sure whether the questions about contributions to baseball history and stuff would be pluses or a minuses in his column. On the one hand, he certainly led to changes in the way the game is played in that clean white balls and strict enforcement of anti-scuffing rules are the order of the day. On the other hand, they’re only the order of the day because he threw the pitch that killed Ray Chapman which, no matter how interesting it is, probably isn’t the sort of thing you cite in the “pro” column of your Hall of Fame CV. Mays has been dead for almost 40 years, though, so I’m not sure he cares.

Anyway, congratulations to Joe Gordon, who had to wait 30 years after he died to get in himself. A fact which shouldn’t make Ron Santo feel all that good this afternoon.

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Frank Sobotka
Frank Sobotka

Talk about your embarrassments for a committee that has had its share. Joe Gordon but not Ron Santo? Joe Gordon but not Dick Allen? Joe Gordon but not Joe Torre? I’d have been happier if they just decided to not let anyone in (even if Deacon White’s election is about 70 years overdue). In what universe is Joe Gordon a HOFer and not any of those other guys?


I’m happy Gordon got in, he earned it. Santo keeps getting screwed. Dick Allen won’t get love for many years. I think I read it around here, but Torre won’t be enshrined until they have concrete numbers to put on his plaque. I don’t know why, but I really believe that.

Pete R
Pete R

“The Veterans Committee for the pre-1943 ballot consisted of Hall of
Famers Bobby Doerr, Ralph Kiner, Phil Niekro, Robin Roberts, Duke
Snider, Don Sutton and Dick Williams and historians Furman Bisher,
Roland Hemond, Steve Hirdt, Bill Madden and Claire Smith.”

Furman Bisher- Atlanta
Roland Hemond- Chicago
Steve Hirdt- New York
Bill Madden- New York
Claire Smith- New York

So, they elected a former Yankee? And, almost, another former Yankee with 182 career wins? Funny, that.

If I were a writer, which I never will be, I’d be asking the Hall how they selected the Five Greatest Living Baseball Historians.