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Rain rain go away, please don’t come back until a scheduled off-day. Not much happened yesterday with the weather being what it was, but lucky for me (but not for the people involved) there was lots of injury news so at least there is stuff to talk about. Also, I set the THT record for most consecutive hyphenated words.

Tribute – In the wake of Jackie Robinson day, the Cleveland Indians are pushing MLB to organize a similar tribute to Larry Doby, the man who broke the color barrier in the American League just three months after Jackie.

Yanks Lose Three – Not only did the Yankees lose the game (see below), but they lose Mike Mussina and Carl Pavano to the DL. I know, I know, what’s the world coming to when Mike Hampton, Mark Prior, Jaret Wright and Carl Pavano are all on the shelf? It’s like hitting the injury exacto.

Jennings to DL – New Astros pitches Jason Jennings will hit the DL soon as he’s expected to miss 2 or 3 starts with elbow tendinitis. This gives more time for Jason Hirsh to shine in Colorado.

Is it Too Early to Say that Jon Daniels is Not a Good Trader? – The Brad WilkersonAlfonso Soriano trade, the Chris Young and Adrian Gonzalez for Adam Eaton and Akinori Otsuka trade were busts for Texas, and now the John Danks for Brandon McCarthy trade is starting to look foul too as Danks is off to a decent start and McCarthy is not.

Ryan Heads to DL – Toronto Blue Jays closer B.J. Ryan hits the DL and is off to see Dr. James Andrews. Hold your breath Blue Jay fans.

Technology is Wonderful – The Detroit Tigers Weblog uses MLBAM’s gameday features to take an interesting look at Joel Zumaya‘s two-inning save.

Not a Good Day for the Elite CloserMariano Rivera gave up a two-strike, two-out 9th-inning, walk-off three-run homerun last night. Also, Joe Nathan took a loss for the first time in awhile, and you already know what happened to B.J. Ryan.

Another Closer Having Problems – White Sox closer Bobby Jenks, noted for his 99+ mph heat, hasn’t been getting it above the mid-90s recently and sometimes not even above the low-90s.

More Velocity IssuesJason Schmidt hasn’t cracked 90mph all year and has been sitting around 82-84mph.

This Man Deserves a BlogIchiro Suzuki, who, when asked about facing Daisuke Matsuzaka prior to last Wednesdays game remarked, “I hope he arouses the fire that’s dormant in the innermost recesses of my soul,” was asked about what helped him break out of his slump yesterday. His response? “Yesterday, I ate two ice creams, usually I only eat one.”

Today at THT

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