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THT Links will be off and on for the following fortnight as I jet across Europe doing awesome things in awesome locales. Never to fear, you will not be missing much as we enter the two week stretch drive of fluff pieces about how great a shape so and so is in, and how player X has a new commitment to winning or something.

The Next Steroid Scandal – Athletes are named as customers of an online steroid ring busted this week.

Always Use Protection – Ken Rosenthal has a sort-of look at the issue of lineup protection.

Chatting it Up – Baseball Analysts has an interview with Boston Red Sox AGM Jed Hoyer.

Does That Count as Chemistry? – Wow. Brothers Brian Giles and Marcus Giles are particularly zany people, especially when it comes to clubhouse antics.

Note to Sportswriters – Spring Training stats do not mean anything. See? We have proof. Oh wait, there’s a statistical term or three in there. That’s like your kryptonite.

We’re Famous You Know – THT’s own Chris Constancio stepped out of the shadows that he mysteriously surrounds himself with (some women say his mystique is part of his irresistible charm) and grants an interview concerning the Cardinals farm system.

A Must Read – One of the most coherent thought out pieces I have read on intangibles and why, if they’re valuable, they aren’t really intangible.

Interesting, But Where Are the Graphs? – David Appleman at Fan Graphs takes a look at batted ball type splits and which hitters were the most and least proficient in each type.

Old People Don’t Vote – Anyone into the Hall of Fame that is, as the Veteran’s Committee voted in a blank slate for the third consecutive year.

The Best Asset Associated with the Mariners – No, it’s not Felix Hernandez. Or Ichiro Suzuki. Or any player for that matter. It’s Geoff Baker, new writer for the Seattle Times. I’m just so happy to read someone with cognitive brain function. It literally brought tears to mine eyes.

Extreme Optimism – This is the epitome of small samples. Joel Pineiro is a bad pitcher. He’s a bad starter and he’s not much better out of the pen. If the Red Sox want to use him as a closer than by all means, try it. You’re going to be sorry.

More Stone Age Writing in Print (registration required) – The vehement hatred/fear people have over “stats” just confuses me. Are you trying to tell me that using any stats cheapens the game? Because I do not see many people refraining from all stats. So it’s just the new ones then? The ones you claim to be contrived? These people should have a list of all things derived from advanced science and math and should be forced to not use them either. That computer you are typing is made possible by geeks. Did you know that mister ignorant? Good thing these people exist.

Jesse Crain Not Going AnywhereJesse Crain and the Twins agree to a three-year deal that buys out Crain’s final two arbitration years.

Today at THT

Five American League Bullpens in Flux – Jeff ignores writerly advice and writes about what he doesn’t know.

Boston’s Most Wanted – John Walsh tells us which batters would benefit most from a move to Fenway Park.

Retroactive Review: Ace
Looking back at some of Justin Verlander's most interesting moments.

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