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If you have never checked out Hit Tracker then you don’t know what you’re missing. Or perhaps you do know, in which case why are you intentionally denying yourself the satisfaction this site brings? Anyways, Hit Tracker has several ambitious plans for the coming season, one of which is to record all batted balls for the Red Sox, Yankees and Cardinals. One of the challenges complicating this task is the sheer manpower required to capture and enter this data into the Hit Tracker program. Therefore, if you might have some time to help collate Hit Tracker data, please contact

Jays Ink Zambrano to Minor League Deal – I guess the thinking is the Jays want to provide their Triple-A hitters with practice in avoiding balls thrown at them. Also, because it is in my contract and I enjoy doing it anyways, Scott Kazmir.

Go Directly to Jail. Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect $15.8 Million – A provision contained within Barry Bonds new contract allows for the Giants to terminate his contract if he is indicted… except the Collective Bargaining Agreement and MLB Commissioner’s Office might not recognize the clause as enforceable. This could get all sorts of fun if the Giants end up feeling the need to exercise the clause.

Sad, but Probably True – Art Thiel at the Seattle P-I states that the new look Ms rotation is the best it’s been in years. If that’s what best looks like, no wonder the last three years haven’t seen the Ms emerge from the cellar of the AL West.

A Look Back at Dodger Salaries – Andrew over at True Blue LA looks over the past 22 years of Dodgers players and converting their salaries into 2006 dollars (by equating salary to the league average for each year) determines who were the most expensive Dodger players. Gary Sheffield‘ 1998 takes the cake at a salary of over $29 million in 2006 dollars.

Boomer’s Deal Gets Finalized – $3 million in base pay for David Wells with the possibility of another $4 million if he makes at least 27 starts. The Padres rotation now consists of Jake Peavy, Greg Maddux, Clay Hensley, Chris Young, and Wells. If they can stay healthy, and actually hit for once, the Padres have a good chance in the NL West.

Pads Building New Facility in DR – The San Diego Padres recently broke ground on a new training facility in the Dominican Republic. Padres owner John Moores expressed disappointment three years ago upon touring the existing facilities and immediately launched a directive to improve the conditions. Perhaps he was also motivated by the lack of talent the Padres are getting out of the Caribbean. A quick perusal of the Padres 40-man roster and top prospect lists prompts an interesting question; are the Padres the whitest team in baseball?

The NL Unwanteds, Part II – Rox Girl at Purple Row finishes going through the NL teams and guessing which player they would really rather not have on their roster.

New Twins Stadium Will Hurt Drivers, not Trees – An environmental impact study found that the Twins proposed new stadium will have little effect on the environment, but will hamper traffic, especially on weekday games. Now we might finally be able to answer the question of whether Seattle or Minneapolis has the most polite drivers even in the midst of clogged roadways.

Honestly Cool – In the latest Hot Stove Heater on, Jayson Stack looks at how teams are making use of the video capability on iPods to store scouting tape.

Transaction Analysis Returns (registration required) – Christina Kahrl returns the Transaction Analysis series with a look at the moves taking place in the AL East.

Dodgers Add Pitching Depth – The Dodgers finalized a contract with Chin-hui Tsao. Tsao will receieve $425,000 if he makes the major league team and $125,000 if he stays in the minors.

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