THT Links: Szia, Cześć, Živjo and Ciào

Vacation planning, the actual detailed booking of it, is up there with one of the most frustrating experiences. It’s all worth it in the end, any maybe it’s a hint to stop planning such elaborate, ambitious sight-seeing trips, but is it really too much to ask for some direct connections amongst Eastern European airports? Anyways, if any of the dozen or so of you who read this column have been to any of the following cities: Warsaw, Krakow, Budapest, Ljubljana or Venice and have any recommendations at all concerning anything, please drop me a line. In other matters, pitchers and catchers begin reporting tomorrow so hopefully we’ll start getting some actual fruitful news soon. Until then, onto the links.

Oh Yeah? You Know What? – Jeff Sullivan provides a brief summary of comebacks for Mariner fans should they find themselves in a flame war with fans of another team. If, on the other hand, you end up in a flame war with a Mariner fan, well, it should just be obvious.

Could a Fluke Hit This Well? – Replacement Level Yankees looks at Robinson Cano; his pre-2006 projections, his 2006 performance, and what it portends for his future.

Pre-Everything Rankings – Dayn Perry at FoxSports has a preliminary power ranking of all 30 Major League teams with the Yankees on the top and the Nationals on the bottom. I don’t agree with these things, I just report their existence.

Comeback Kelly? – Talking Chop has a look at whether Kelly Johnson can fulfill his potential next season.

Non-MVP Agrees to Extension – Excellent catcher and all-around good person Joe Mauer agreed with the Twins this weekend to a four-year, $33 million extension that will carry Mauer through his first free agent year.

Forget Spring Training! Look To June – Todd Morgan at does an early mock draft. No, not a fantasy mock draft, a Rule 4 mock draft. Yeah, I told you it was early. Still a worthwhile piece to read for information on some people to watch this spring.

Bernie Not Interested In Minors – In a shocking twist, it appears that long time Professional Yankee Bernie Williams is actually not interested in playing for whatever Triple-A team the Yankees actually possess. And out there in the great vastness of the internet, someone, somewhere, might care.

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