An early look at Zink

The Red Sox promoted Charlie Zink from Triple-A Pawtucket to replace Tim Wakefield in the rotation. Zink is starting tonight against the Rangers, and the Red Sox staked him to a 10-run lead in the bottom of the first.

What is Zink’s repertoire? We can get a quick read on that from the first three innings tonight. He has thrown 59 pitches, of which 42 were knuckleballs, 13 fastballs, two sliders/cutters, and two pitches that I think were changeups. His fastball comes in around 82-83 mph, his slider/cutter at 77, and his knuckler at about 69. His changeups (if that’s what they were and not just fast knuckleballs–if weren’t blacking me out of this game maybe I could tell!) came in around 73 mph.

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