And That Happened

Giants 14, Marlins 7: There have been times over the past couple of years when the Giants wouldn’t score 14 in a week. And when he played in New York and Atlanta, there were weeks when Melky Cabrera wouldn’t drive in four, but here we are. Angel Pagan did the same. The Marlins bullpen gave up nine runs in less than four innings.

Phillies 10, Cardinals 9: Given that the Cardinals lost, I assume that Rally Naked Guy (warning: man-butt) isn’t going to take off like the Rally Squirrel, but I like his pluck and moxie. Three RBI a piece for Shane Victorino and Freddy Galvis.

Padres 11, Mets 5: What’s gotten into these low-powered west coast teams? San Diego broke out the whuppin’ sticks too, rapping out 18 hits. Eric Stults (hmm?) gave up one run over five.

Reds 6, Braves 3: The Reds swept the Braves in a four game series and have won six in a row overall.  Devin Mesoraco hit a grand slam. There were approximately 467 home runs — give or take — in this series. All of the Braves’ pitchers are likely suffering from Great American Ballpark PTSD.

White Sox 11, Twins 8: Speaking of home runs, the White Sox had five of them. One of them was by Alejandro De Aza in the sixth inning. He had what was initially called a home run in the fifth as well, but it was overturned on replay.

Indians 2, Tigers 1: Justin Verlander was near perfect in his previous start. He would have had to be again to win this one. Despite giving up only two runs — one a tape measure shot in the first from Shin-Soo Choo — he and the Tigers lost because Justin Masterson gave up only a run in seven innings despite walking five dudes. The sweep for the Indians, who would like you all to know that, yes, they are for real.

Angels 3, Mariners 0: Albert Pujols was 3 for 3 with a homer.  Folks, El Hombre is back. Deal with it.

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No love for Danny Haren?  His year has been up and down so far, but a complete game shutout with 14 Ks and no walks oughta merit some mention, no?

And yes, I know it was the Mariners, but still…

Paul G.
Paul G.

What’s with the reporting on the streaker?  (Not you.  I mean at Yahoo! Sports.  Once they reported it the horse was out of the barn and down the road, or if you prefer Mr. Happy was out of the shorts and rounding second heading for third.)  I thought it was the rule to never bring attention to these folks so as to avoid encouraging others.  Does Yahoo! Sports want more drunken bare asses on TV?  Apparently they do!  Why?  For all that is good in this world, why?




cause its hilarious. I love it when fans run onto the field. I think if they escape they should be let go.