Announcing THT Reports

You may have noticed that Max Marchi has been publishing a daily Bullpen Report and I’ve been sporadically publishing a THT Graphical Report. What’s more, you’ve probably lost sleep worrying that you’ll miss one of these valuable PDF documents because you’ve got things on your mind other than staying on top of the Hardball Times. Well, I’ve got oodles of good news for you.

The first good news is that I’ve just published a new Graphical Report. The other good news (it takes two to make an oodle) is that you can find this report, as well as all previous Graphical Reports and Max’s Bullpen Reports, on the new THT Reports page. Whenever Max or I publish a new report, we’ll tell you here on THT Live, but you can just check out the Reports page yourself on a regular basis. You’ll find a link to it in the upper left-hand column.

Happy Baseball.

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Detroit Michael
Detroit Michael

Any chance of getting the year-end version of the old team defense statistics again?  It was my favorite.

Dave Studeman
Dave Studeman

Michael, you’ve pre-bought the THT Annual, right?