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The reviews of the Hardball Times Annual 2007 are rolling in. Here’s an ongoing list:

Tony Aubrey of Baseball Evolution has a review online. If you haven’t bought the Annual, follow Tony’s advice, All in all, this book is great. If you haven’t bought it yet, get your fanny out of that chair and get it…. NOW!

Eric Simon of Amazin’ Avenue has reviewed the Annual, saying What truly sets THT’s entry apart from the rest is the strength of its articles. Most of the other annuals focus mostly on the numbers, but THT’s team of regular and guest writers is among the best the baseball world has to offer, and this book is no exception.

The Cub Reporter has a list of The Ten Things I’ve Learned from the Hardball Times Annual 2007. His conclusion:

…the wealth of information and stats found make this a must buy for any serious fan. Not only that but the writing is enjoyable, you really get a sense that these are baseball fans just having a great time writing about things they care and are curious about, no obvious hidden agenda or pompous attitudes.

Thanks to “Craig,” we have our first book review on Amazon. Here’s a quote: For those who like some good commentary to go with insightful statistics, this is a great purchase.

John Beamer posted a very nice review of the Annual at Beyond the Boxscore. John says: The THT Annual is the first on the market and also the best.

Here is a link to Steve Lombardi’s review at WasWatching. I’m kind of fond of this quote:

I have just completed reviewing The Hardball Times Baseball Annual 2007 and can share (that, in my opinion) it is the new standard by which these types of sabermetric-themed baseball annuals should be judged.

Tom M. Tango is reading the Annual, and said the following on his blog: …the Batted Ball data is one of the greatest presentations in sabermetrics ever. It not only gives you scouting-type information, but gives you performance data tied to it.

There is also a review of the book at Epinions.

Thanks to everyone who has reviewed the Annual. We appreciate it!

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