Base Runs/PRC Leaders

I like to combine David Smith’s Base Runs and David Gassko’s Pitching Runs Created into one single list of “run creation/prevention” leaders for the year. It gives you a pretty good idea of each player’s impact on offense and defense, leaving only fielding out of the equation.

Here’s the final list for 2008. As you can see, the top four players are starting pitchers:

Player       Tm        BR/PRC
Lincecum     SF          143
Halladay     TOR         140
Lee          CLE         139
Santana      NYN         135
Pujols       STL         133
Berkman      HOU         128
Gonzalez     SD          124
Sizemore     CLE         122
Howard       PHI         120
Ramirez      FLA         120
Youkilis     BOS         120
Morneau      MIN         118
Beltran      NYN         117
Wright       NYN         117
Reyes        NYN         116
Hamilton     TEX         116
Lester       BOS         114
Markakis     BAL         114
Hamels       PHI         114
Huff         BAL         113

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