Baseball analysis 101

This was posted on Tango’s blog earlier today but I thought it was worth re-posting over here as well. This baseball analysis course consists of several brief chapters; the basics, sabermetric principles, offense, pitching, defense, and other stats. Each chapter contains articles relating to the subject. Most of these articles are fairly recent and I’m sure many of the readers of this blog have already read most of them.

This is definitely something worth looking over if you are hoping to learn more about baseball statistics or simply looking for an aggregate source of baseball information. It is completely free and all that is required is a quick registration.

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Has anyone vetted SocratEd?  There is absolute nothing on there that identifies them or who owns/run the website or anything like that.  Very minimal verbiage about their organization or their purpose, just that one paragraph mission statement. For all I know, someone in organized crime put up the website to phish for e-mail addresses and passwords, as some people use the same password for all their accounts (hence why I don’t do that nor would I recommend that). Maybe I’m being paranoid, but it strikes me as odd that there is nothing on the site that describes their business, you… Read more »