College World Series odds: Omaha day 5

Another day, another “upset.” I suppose it’s a stretch to call it an upset when #1 seed Texas beats #5 Arizona State, but the Sun Devils looked quite a bit stronger on paper. Then again, the top teams in the tournament were never separated by much. It would’ve been equally surprising had everything gone exactly according to plan.

LSU now stands as the favorite, and today’s Arkansas-Virginia game will determine who the Tigers will face for a place in the championship.

Full odds after the jump.

Team             FinalTwo  Champ
Texas               66.5%  29.7%  
Arizona State       22.1%  13.6%  
North Carolina      11.4%   5.5% 
Arkansas             3.3%   0.9%  
Virginia            24.1%  14.6%  
Louisiana State     72.6%  35.7%

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Dave Studeman
Dave Studeman

Thanks for the updates, Jeff.

Sean D.
Sean D.

Wildcats? To which team are you referring? The Arizona State Sundevils or the Texas Longhorns?