“Dancing”: results show 3

It’s Acoustic week on “Dancing With The Playoff Stats,” Show three has brought us closer to the contestants than ever before. They’ve played out the Division Series and we’ve gotten to know them well. This past week the contestants performed the Tango and the Rumba at the ballpark. Can you feel their sweat as they face the second round of elimination?

Before we bring you the results, we’re going to let you see once again how wonderfully baseball and dancing pair off. Here I’ll give you some ballplayers from the postseason and match them with a quote from one of the original, real judges on “Dancing With The Stars.”

Josh Hamilton: “Arm movement does not start from the elbows (throwing error in Game Five of ALDS). It starts from the inside and moves out.”
—Carrie Ann Inada

Hamilton: “Be careful. Sometimes your hands go from beautifully extended to erratic and it spoils it. With more confidence your hip action will ignite as well, that is the work to do (.111/.200/.111 in ALDS).”
—Bruno Tonioli

Cliff Lee: “Chemistry isn’t always about raunchy, Bruno! It’s about trust and a sort of intimacy (with your catcher, Molina). You weren’t just dancing with Ana (or Molina) you were dancing with all of us.”
—Carrie Ann Inada

And here’s how our judges voted this week:

Because Craig Sager’s latest suit got a little wet, we’re going to let him choose any ballplayers he wants from our contestant pool and vote them off—right now. You’ll see in the chart below the ballplayers the judges voted off, and the ones Mr. Sager, in his Nantucket red suit, decided were shockingly lacking in style (and no, I don’t have any idea why he was inclined to pick ballplayers who didn’t make it to the League Championship Series).

*Mr. Sager, Nantucket red is reserved for J Crew chinos and the New York Yacht Club, not for suits. While I have compassion for your ruined Versace, your ugly suit probability just skyrocketed in New York last Saturday.

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