Friday fastball speeds

I’m browsing through the pitch data from Friday’s games where the PITCHf/x system was turned on, and here are some of the average fastball speeds for pitchers who pitched in those games. Take them for what they’re worth.

Pitcher       Speed
D.Turnbow      96
J.Broxton      95
E.Gonzalez     94
T.Lincecum     94
J.Saunders     94
A.Miller       93
C.Billingsley  92
B.Colon        92
E.Gagne        92
F.Carmona      92
S.Torres       92
J.Bonderman    92
R.Mahay        91
R.Betancourt   91
M.Corpas       91
W.Rodriguez    90
T.Jones        90
J.Tavarez      90
B.Fuentes      90
G.Rusch        90
B.Bannister    89
J.Suppan       88
S.Kline        86
G.Maddux       86
W.Williams     84
C.Hamels       83
J.Borowski     82

Note: I think there may have been an error with the system in the Toronto-Philadelphia game. It was only turned on for part of the inning and was recording speeds that were too low, so don’t read too much into Hamels being recorded with an 83-mph fastball.

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