Game One Odds

The Twins made it real interesting but they went ahead and “validated” my prediction anyway. (That is, of course, tongue-in-cheek – I don’t think anyone predicted a game quite like that.)

Anyway, your Game One odds (win percentages listed are for the home team):

Twins at Yankees – 0.673

The Twins used everything they had to get this far, and are now left throwing Brian Duensing against CC Sabathia at Yankee Stadium. The odds are not in their favor.

Red Sox at Angels – 0.526

Jon Lester and John Lackey are two very evenly-matched pitchers, but Lester definitely can expect better bullpen support. The Angels have home field, and that makes them the favorite.

Cardinals at Dodgers – 0.491

The advantage one gets of starting off game one of the playoffs at home is somewhat mitigated when your starting pitcher is Randy Wolf. And Chris Carpenter is his own home-field advantage, apparently.

Rockies at Phillies – 0.594

Ubaldo Jimenez is a good young pitcher. Cliff Lee is a monster, though. And the lineup behind him is no less impressive.

We’ll see if I can stay on a hot streak of predicting these games here.

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