In case you missed it: April 22

In case you missed it:

Colby Lewis missed a start because he was pregnant. Okay, Mrs. Lewis was giving birth to their second child. Some people have a problem with this. Since I have been through this recently, I can’t understand the criticism. I don’t hear his teammates complaining.

Wherever I have worked, when somebody had to take time off when a new arrival came, everybody pitched in to cover for the expecting parent. It is part of being a team. Mrs. Siddfinch said, “unless it is an elimination game. Then one can miss the birth ONLY if you WIN the game. Lose the game AND miss the birth, settle into the dog house for a while.”

I’ll be watching Lewis’ home and road starts over the next few weeks. I have always wondered; do sleepless night before a start affect pitchers?

Somebody owns the da-da-da-da-da-da-Charge song and is suing to get royalties. I really hope the “everybody clap your hands” guy start suing and teams just drop it.

With the Dodgers in the news, you know the Yankees would so something to get some of the spotlight. I give you, the logo lawsuit.

Joe Posnanski, Duane Kuiper, podcast. You’ve clicked already, haven’t you? Okay, now that everybody is gone…we attack at dawn.

Brewers give Ryan Braun a bunch of money, but was it a hometown discount? Brewers are not that far away from the Twins, so you think they would have read about Joe Mauer before assuming all the risk on a guaranteed contract, don’t ya think?

The 1918 Cubs may have thrown the World Series.

Barry Bonds‘ records stand, according to Bud Selig.

In his latest attempt to make the head of every baseball traditionalist explode, Selig talks playoff expansion.

MLB and MLBPA show NFL and NFLPA how to work together to help retired players.

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