Introducing Toons by Tuck

You may have noticed a new feature at THT today: Toons by Tuck. Every week, Tuck will be posting a baseball-related cartoon, highlighting the bizarre comings and goings of the baseball world. Tuck had created award-winning editorial cartoons, illustrations, and comics at for two seasons, as well as the “late, lamented” Game Night Revue (program sold outside St. Louis Blues homegames) for nearly 10 years.

Tuck also illustrated the recently-published Three Players Who Have Never Been in My Kitchen. Other notable placements and contributions include the Pulitzer Newspapers, Gannett Newspapers, Marvel Comics, Image Comics, and many impressive near-misses that make for entertaining happy hour conversation.

We’re extremely happy to add Tuck to the roster of THT contributors, and we hope you enjoy his toons!

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