On this day in 1912, New Mexico was admitted as the 47th U.S. state. And in 1848, Samuel Morse first successfully tested the electrical telegraph. Yay for history. In other news….

Beyond the Box Score is seeking your input for their 2009 sabermetric writing awards. Nominations will be over the next few days, and then voting will take place soon after. Let’s hope they can avoid the hanging chad.

The State of the Prospectus.

Patriot gives us a look at how each lineup slot hit in 2009. Strangely (to me at least), National League 3-4 batters hit much better than their AL counterparts. The OBP of the NL’s No. 3 hitters is absurd. You can view the full spreadsheet here.

Is Javier Vazquez unclutch? Well it certainly appears that he has been, but there’s just no way to tell if that trend will continue.

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