On Mike Lupica

I don’t have anything of value—in terms of insight or comedy—to add to what’s already been said about this ridiculous Mike Lupica article from today’s NY Daily News. Craig already talked about it at NBC during his morning in exile from his soon to be retired lawyer unique perspective. But Jay at Fack Youk gives a much more scathing commentary on the same article. From the post:

You have to be a special kind of stupid to wait until the team is one win away from their first World Series in 9 years to start complaining about their lack of a #4 starter.

Oh by the way, the reason they don’t have a #4 starter isn’t because they “didn’t have enough money left under the bed”. It’s because Chien Ming Wang, who had been their best pitcher over the previous three years, suddenly decided to suck. And Joba Chamberlain, who everyone wanted to go back to the bullpen (including Lupica, obviously), is back in the bullpen.

They will wonder at the same time about how much they think they could get for a copy of “The Joba Rules” on eBay about now.

How much are your books selling for on eBay, Mike? Let me check. One dollar.

It’s entertaining to say the least.

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I figured out how Lupica now appears everywhere on the planet after monhs in exile.  He was on the Michael Kay show on ESPN Radio this afternoon (probably NY only).  He has a NEW BOOK out- Something about The Million Dollar Arm or some such rot. After he was gone, Michael said something to the effect that “it sells well with young adults”. Means to me it is written on the 3rd grade level. Don’t know if Crayolas are ioncluded.

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