Petit Two

Following up on Matthew’s Yusmeiro Petit post, you can read a bit more about the Mets’ prospect in Baseball America’s Daily Dish (scroll down to June 18th). His manager, Blaine Beatty, calls him a righthanded Sid Fernandez, because his fastball (which sits around 90 mph) is sneaky fast.

Sickels’ comparison to Nelson Figueroa seems appropriate to me. Figueroa had an awesome year in 1996, while also playing in Capital City. He led the Sally league in strikeouts with 200, and was voted the league’s pitcher of the year.

Actually, I’ve suspected for a while that Capital City Stadium, where the Bombers play, is a strikeout-friendly park. But minor league home/road splits are hard to find. CNN/SI carried them on their site last year, but they discontinued the practice this year.

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