Rotobase injury DL tool

Some amazing work here from Josh Hermsmeyer:

The work was hard, but I’m pleased to report my portion of it is finished (for now). I’m making the CSV file and the SQL dump available for download here. I’m hoping the community will find it useful enough to help me keep it updated.

All players are referenced using retroIDs.

There are only two restrictions on using the data, and folks can use it for commercial purposes if they choose.

1. You must post a link back to Rotobase.
2. You must make any additions to the database public in CSV or SQL dump form for others to use and enjoy.

I look forward to seeing what the saber community does with the info. For my part, I’ll be posting my analysis of some of the data in the next few days.

Basically, it’s a ~3,500 spreadsheet of each injury that’s happened in baseball since 2002. Listed is the player’s RetroID, the on and off DL date, injury type (fracture, strain, etc.), which side of the body it was on, and what body part was affected. It’s downloadable in CSV or SQL form.

I personally cannot wait to take a more in depth look at this, so thank you so much Josh for this wonderful resource. Also, make sure to check out his Rotobase player cards, which contain a plethora of graphs and information on each player taken from multiple sources. Example here.

H/T Tango.

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Wow! Three cheers for Josh!  This will be very useful for the research I’ve been doing.


Hi Nick, by any change do you have the data you posted about? I’ve looked for it online and it seems the website has been taken down