Shrine adds three more Eternals

The Baseball Reliquary, a Southern California-based nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering an appreciation of American art and culture through the context of baseball history (and one of my favorite baseball organizations anywhere), announced today that it has added three new members to its Shrine of Eternals: Maury Wills, Pete Gray, and Ted Giannoulas.

Quoting their press release:

{exp:list_maker}MAURY WILLS is universally credited with returning the stolen base as an offensive weapon to the National League in the 1960s and setting the table for future speedsters Lou Brock, Tim Raines, and Rickey Henderson.
One-armed PETE GRAY (1915-2002) remains the lasting symbol of baseball and World War II. Gray was a wonder to watch, and was a study in agility and dexterity as an outfielder. After catching a fly ball, Gray would tuck his glove under his stump, roll the ball across his chest, and throw, all in one nimble and fluid motion.
TED GIANNOULAS is one of baseball’s greatest entertainers as The San Diego Chicken (or The Famous Chicken), the most popular and iconic of the mascots that became staples of major league baseball teams in the 1970s. {/exp:list_maker}
Next time you’re in Pasadena, stop by and visit.

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