Stats Update

All graphs and stats (including Win Shares) have been updated for your viewing pleasure. Last week, we presented a list of the top line drive batters. Here’s a list of the top fifteen line drive preventers (minimum of 75 innings pitched):

Shields S.    ANA   .123
Halladay R.   TOR   .133
Wakefield T.  BOS   .136
Contreras J.  NYY   .136
Westbrook J.  CLE   .136
Brazelton D.  TBD   .141
Halama J.     TBD   .142
Perez O.      PIT   .142
Burnett A.    FLO   .143
Lieber J.     NYY   .144
Sele A.       ANA   .146
Quantrill P.  NYY   .149
Towers J.     TOR   .151
Mulder M.     OAK   .151
Clement M.    CHC   .153

Which just goes to show the power of the knuckleball.

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