Stealing Home Comes To THT!

Earlier today, David Temple’s Stealing Home podcast joined forces with us at The Hardball Times. Well, we joined forces a little while ago, if you want to get technical, but everything was rolled out earlier today. You’ll find all the episodes here at the podcast’s landing page, including a new podcast that was posted today. There is also a longer introductory post that David wrote that you can read here.

We’re very excited about this partnership. David puts together a great show, and that is reflected in his excellent iTunes rating. We think his style fits perfectly with THT’s, and look forward to more deep dives in the future. Shows should pop up roughly once a month, and you can always find the latest podcast housed in the sidebar at the right of every page on the site. Or you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. Or both!

One other note — the podcast has a brand new logo as well, which was designed by Ryan Dunsmore. Many thanks to Ryan!

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This is off topic, but I just wanted to make sure you see this article at the NY Times about analysis of PITCHF/x data:

Title of article: “What Umpires Get Wrong”

It’s based on an article that will be published in the journal Management Science. I’m curious to know how much of this is already known by the stats experts and how much, if any, is new.


I think you might enjoy this THT article from april 2010:

Umpire bias has been a topic of research for statheads for quite a while. I hadn’t heard of the racial bias in called strikes before, but a quick google search confirms that its been documented


Awesome, love that show!