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Greetings from the Great Baseball Nerd Round-Up of 2009: SABR 39 in Washington DC.

Really, really weird thing just happened to me. I just finished giving a presentation “The Baseball Philosophy of Charles Comiskey” – (it went pretty well, which was weird enough in itself) – when something quite unexpected happen. I was approached by someone from the syndicated radio show Talking Baseball to do an interview with them. They liked my talk and when they found out I had finished a book slated to come out later this year titled Evaluating Baseball’s Managers, they thought they could get a scoop by talking to me about it on the air.

That was just so frickin’ weird. Though I’ve often thought of myself as quite vanilla, I certainly never thought of myself as any sort of scoop.

The interview lasted about 15 minutes and I though it went well. I don’t know when it’ll air, but I heard third-hand that it’ll be Sunday. (NOTE: When I say third-hand, I mean not from the Talking Baseball guys, but from someone else at SABR they interviewed, so the day might be wrong). The show is in about 50 markets they said. I don’t know which ones expect that Chicago is known of them.

Sorry for any excessive naval-gazing, but I’ve never been interviewed before and don’t seriously expect to be interviewed again. So: cooool. Weird, but cool.

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