This Can’t be Happening

I’m driving to work tonight, and I throw the Yankee game on the radio. 880 out of NYC doesn’t come in great between Leesburg, VA and Martinsburg, WV; but through the crackles, I hear Enrique Wilson is leading off tonight due to Derek Jeter’s ‘stomach virus’ (how many of those do you think Mickey Mantle had?). Enrique’s Reign of Terror continues.

I know Joe Torre is a ‘genius’ and all, but how in the hell can you lead a guy off with a .242 OBP (career .293)? Hideki Matsui, hitting 7th, came into the game with a .411 OBP (.353 last year; .335 ‘lifetime’ vs. lefties). I’ll take Matsui vs. a tough lefty, as opposed to Wilson vs. a AAA pitcher if those are my two options.

I’ve never understood why when there is a last minute scratch, the manager always seems to simply slot the replacement into the scratched guy’s slot, instead of redoing the lineup. Which, in this case should have taken all of 13 seconds. You move Matsui up to the top, hit Wilson 9th and move Clark and Cairo up to 7/8.

Who knows though? The last time I complained about Enrique Wilson being subbed into Jeter’s spot in the lineup, I was in Yankee Stadium. June 1st, 2002 and Wilson came up with the bases loaded and two out in the bottom of the 6th. I was screaming from the right-field bleachers, to all that could hear, “See what Torre did? Now they’re going to get out of it, at least pinch-hit or something; aarrrgggghhhhh!”

Wilson’s shot landed about 5 rows in front of me.

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