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The American League and National League stats have been updated for all players. Win Shares will be updated this weekend.

We track ERA and FIP for each pitcher, and it’s insightful to calculate the difference between the two. There are a number of things that can cause ERA and FIP to vary: the pitcher may give up more or less line drives than average, he may pitch better or worse with runners on, he may have good or bad fielders behind him, the bullpen may be making an impact, or it may all be due to Lady Luck.

In other words, draw no conclusions, but take a closer look. Here are the ten pitchers with the best variances of ERA vs. FIP (ERA is lower).

Player       Team IP    VAR
Waechter D.  TBD  49   3.06
Ramirez H.   ATL  59   2.88
Leiter A.    NYM  44   2.75
Ishii K.     LAD  59   1.97
Moyer J.     SEA  71   1.92
Morris M.    STL  77   1.86
Wolf R.      PHI  65   1.82
Carpenter C. STL  65   1.68
Suppan J.    STL  61   1.68
Trachsel S.  NYM  67   1.50

And here are the ten pitchers for whom ERA is higher than FIP.

Anderson B.  KC   61  -1.18
Sparks S.    ARI  59  -1.44
Mitre S.     CHC  47  -1.59
Dessens E.   ARI  45  -1.64
Meche G.     SEA  43  -1.81
Ponson S.    BAL  74  -1.90
Lowe D.      BOS  51  -2.00
Vogelsong R  PIT  49  -2.00
Obermueller  MIL  41  -2.03
Elarton S.   COL  41  -3.74

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