Top games of the week: Sept. 11-17

Here are the week’s top games, courtesy of Max Marchi’s methodology.

 date	                  game	stars	
09-16	         Astros @ Cubs	**	box score
09-12	      Marlins @ Braves	**	box score
09-14	    Yankees @ Mariners	**	box score
09-16	  Cardinals @ Phillies	*	box score
09-13	       Padres @ Giants	*	box score

This week didn’t quite match last week’s intense level of excitement, as no three-star games were played. The most exciting game, the Astros-Cubs contest of Sept. 16, featured some late-inning drama from two struggling teams. Carlos Lee hit a two-run homer in the top of the ninth to tie the game at 3-3. However, the Astros ended up dropping the contest when Marlon Byrd hit a walk-off infield single in the 12th on a dribbler that was ruled fair despite replays showing that it may have been foul.

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