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All stats and graphs are updated, including games through May 6th. In addition, we’ve added league averages, and team totals, too.

Here are the A.L. Runs Created leaders:

Young M.    TEX    28
Guillen J.  ANA    28
Beltran C.  KC     26
Glaus T.    ANA    26
White R.    DET    25
Ramirez M.  BOS    24
Roberts B.  BAL    24
Rodriguez I.DET    24
Mora M.     BAL    23
Ford L.     MIN    22
Belliard R. CLE    22

Okay, who here predicted that the Rangers’ shortstop would lead the league in Runs Created? I mean, who predicted it AFTER February 16th?

And here are the N.L. Runs Created leaders:

Bonds B.    SFG    38
Rolen S.    STL    33
Casey S.    CIN    30
Bagwell J.  HOU    28
Beltre A.   LAD    27
Dunn A.     CIN    26
Berkman L.  HOU    25
Lowell M.   FLO    25
Biggio C.   HOU    25
Loretta M.  SDP    24
Sosa S.     CHC    23

NL third basemen are something to behold. And the Killer B’s are back! Whoda thunk it?

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