Win Shares

I’ve had a few people ask if THT will post Win Shares during the season. I wasn’t planning to post them for a few reasons:
{exp:list_maker}Win Shares are available at Bill James Online. True, you have to pay $3 a month to see them, but that’s a pittance. And after all, Bill did create Win Shares.
Bill has changed the Win Shares system to include Loss Shares. This isn’t yet reflected in the BJOL stats, but he does write about it frequently. I figure that THT shouldn’t publish obsolete work.
There are very good alternatives available. Fangraphs has both WPA and WAR, for instance. I highly recommend them. {/exp:list_maker}
Finally, I just don’t have the energy to calculate and upload the Win Shares on a weekly basis. It takes time.

I do still like WSAB and I know some of you folks do, too. So a compromise: I will post them a couple of times during the season in an Excel spreadsheet for those who pre-purchase the THT Annual. That will ensure that they’re still available for you and the workload is manageable for me.

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