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There’s a quote by some author which goes “no winter lasts forever and no spring skips its turn.” I can’t remember who said it, but he certainly wasn’t a baseball fan from Ohio.

Today at THT:

  • Brian Borawski has the week in business. Item #2 on his list is about the Israeli Baseball League. Readers of old ShysterBall will remember that I had a strange fascination with the IBL back in 2007. Not an interest really, but I did watch it not unlike the way you’d watch the aftermath of a car wreck or something. Here’s hoping it returns if, for no other reason, than because I think the world is a better place when 50 year-old guys can make a professional roster somewhere.
  • Matthew Namee takes a look at those guys who weren’t good enough to get Hall of Fame attention but who can’t really be said to have been slighted, either. Just really good players who have been somewhat overlooked, albeit not criminally so. Before I even got into the article I was thinking “oh, guys like Rusty Staub.” And I’ll be damned if Staub isn’t on that list. Fun group of players.
  • Tuck! sketches Pedro’s curious PR operation.
  • Finally, over at Fantasy Focus, Derek Carty continues his series on the potential upsides of drafting injured dudes. The takeaway: if you’re serious about your fantasy league, you could do worse things than to hire someone to go and break Albert Pujols’ knee, thereby ensuring that he falls to you at the end of the first round. Just be careful that you don’t do any ligament damage, because that stuff’s chronic.

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