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Things to read as you realize that there are some things in life you never would have noticed if they had not first been pointed out to you:

  • Dan Turkenkopf has a big piece of BABIP, DIPS, and CQA. This is where I’d normally insert a cute little joke or something, but that would require that I first understand Dan’s article, and though maybe I should be, I’m not ashamed to admit that I don’t.
  • In honor of Valentine’s Day, Richard Barbieri’s This Annotated Week in Baseball History takes a look at players with the last name “I spent $300 on dinner and shelled out for roses and jewlery too, so you’re damn RIGHT I expect to be invited up for coffee.” Wait, that’s not right. He looks at players with the last name Hart. My apologies.
  • Finally, over at Fantasy Focus, Alex Zelvin looks at how to handle double headers in Rotohog (short answer: there is no hope beyond suicide and the warm embrace of death) and there’s a mailbag. Pfun Pfact: There has not been an actual piece of U.S. Mail sent to an internet writer or publishing concern since 1996, thus rendering the term “mailbag” a hilariously anachronistic misnomer!. In this way, “mailbag” is not unlike other internet terms such as “editor” and “truthful”!
  • And it’s not a softball, Jason. It’s, um, an ancient example of a “bat and trap” ball, which shows you just how historically-reverent we here at THT truly are!

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    Jason @ IIATMS
    Jason @ IIATMS

    yeah, sure it is.