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I was part of a 12-blogger trade late last night involving MVN, FanHouse, and Baseball Prospectus, but someone screwed up the paperwork and I somehow ended up back here. The lesson: people should just try to keep things simple.

  • Colin Wyers wonders whether more actual butts in the seats gives the home team an advantage. No matter what Colin thinks, however, Mom is still going to credit her home cooking.
  • Dave Studeman tries to figure out if late season games really are more critical than early season games. Read his conclusion for yourself, but know this: I sometimes lose interest in the season in the first few days of September, but after a long cold winter, there is nothing more important to this fan than games in April. Not that that’s what Dave is calculating.
  • Brandon Isleib continues his series in which he tries to figure out what would have happened had there been division play and an unbalanced schedule back in your grandfathers’ day. This time it’s 1953-1968. Oops, that actually corresponds more closely with my father’s day. Man I feel old.
  • Over at Fantasy Focus, Michael Lerra investigates which fantasy stat categories truly reward the owner who drafts the best players as opposed to the one who drafts some freaky, random stat-exploiting roster. As a guy who had the first pick in his recent redistribution draft yet accidentally passed over Hanley Ramirez because he didn’t read the spreadsheet of available players properly, I’m hoping freaky rosters can still compete.

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