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Today will be the last day for a long time in which the first post of the day will be “Today at THT.” Why? ShysterBall readers who date back before last October know why: the return of “And That Happened,” this blog’s quaint little daily recap feature. It resumes with the ballgames come Monday morning. Well, there will be one recap on Monday because there’s only one game on Sunday, but you get the idea. Tuesday will really be hopping.

For those of you unfamiliar with ATH, here are a couple of examples. It started as a way for me to make sure that I kept track of actual baseball rather than get too bogged down in steroids or stadiums or what have you, but it quickly became my favorite part of this blog after it got going last April. For me it’s like the baseball season in blog form: sometimes it’s good, sometimes it sucks, sometimes it rains, but it’s there every day reminding you that while no single game matters, all of them together mean everything.

But that’s Monday, probably at around 5:45 AM. Today at THT:

  • Jonathan Halket has five questions for the New York Yankees. Question number six: the new stadium is impressive and all, but do you think it was a good idea to include that two-meter-wide, unshielded thermal exhaust port right along the outside of it? If someone fired a proton torpedo at it, it could set off a chain reaction and annihilate the whole stadium, couldn’t it?
  • In honor of the just passed April Fools’ Day, Richard Barbieri’s This Annotated Week in Baseball History looks at pranks in baseball history. Like the time Preacher Roe called Burt Shotton and asked him if his refrigerator was running.
  • Chris Jaffe reviews the Joe Torre/Tom Veducci book, “The Yankee Years.” I hope it was a better read than “Joe Torre: The Cardinals Years,” because that one was pretty boring.
  • Over at Fantasy Focus, Alex Zelvin looks at favorable Opening Day matchups. Most favorable matchup: a fake sick day, my butt, my couch and a cold beer.
  • Finally, Paul Singman plays roster doctor. It’s probably better than the ER finale.
  • Only two more baseball-free days to go.

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    Chris H.
    Chris H.

    I wouldn’t worry about the exhaust port.  I mean, it’s not much bigger than a Womp Rat.

    Craig Calcaterra
    Craig Calcaterra

    Thank God they haven’t invented any T-16s yet.  I’d hate for farmboys to have had a lot of practice nailing those things.