Wither* Tracy Ringolsby?

A local news station is reporting that the Rocky Mountain News is likely to shut down soon:

The Rocky, Colorado’s oldest newspaper, was put up for sale on Thursday after owner E.W. Scripps Co. said it lost about $11 million on the operation in the first nine months of the year.

Cincinnati-based Scripps said in a news release that if no acceptable offers emerge by mid-January, it will “examine its other options.” It gave no details.

An internal Denver Post memo, authored by publisher Dean Singleton, read in part, “an announced sale is usually the first step leading to a failing newspaper’s closure.”

“Scripps notified MediaNews Group [the owner of the Post] on November 19 that it planned to close the Rocky Mountain News as soon as practical,” the memo said.

It’s rough out there for the newspapers.

*UPDATE: Eagle-eyed reader (and English grad student) Sara K points out that the correct spelling of the word in this instance is “whither.” Unless, of course, I was intending to make a clever pun in which I used the idea of withering fruit or something to comment upon the shrinking newspaper industry and, perhaps, Tracy Ringolsby’s age. Let’s go with the pun thing because that makes me sound smarter. Yep, intended the pun the whole time!

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So if his paper’s shut down and he’s forced to write online does he lose his membership in the BBRAA?

The ironing would be delicious….

Craig Calcaterra
Craig Calcaterra

I dunno. Murray Chass lost his newspaper job, and I think he still votes.  Ringolsby would just need to find some basis for his feelings of superiority.