2012 Free Agent Custom Leaderboard

With the regular season just a few weeks away, we know many of you have turned your attention towards the off-season, and are coming up with potential scenarios you’d like to see your favorite team pursue this winter. So, to assist with comparisons and plans, we’ve created a custom leaderboard with all of the free agents expected to hit the market this winter.

There is some guessing required here, as there are team and player options that haven’t been officially decided upon, so we made the best guesses we could based on the information available at the moment. This means that we’ve included Jake Peavy and Dan Haren as free agents while not including Tim Hudson or Paul Maholm, though each is in a position to potentially have their option picked up for 2013, depending on what decisions are made by their current organizations. The nice thing about custom leaderboards is that if you don’t like some of the guesses we made, you can simply remove or add players and save your own version of the list with your own assumptions, so you’re not tied to the ones we’ve made. We’ve done most of the work for you, and you can tweak as necessary.

And, because it’s built on our leaderboards, you’re not limited to just the default display. If you want to limit it to players under the age of 30, you can use the age filters to just show the younger free agents. If you want to view performance over the last three years for more context than just 2012 performance, you can use the multi-year selectors to show data from 2010 on. And, you can play around with the data filters, so if you only want to see hitters with an ISO over .200 or a wRC+ of 130, you can do that. You can also save each report individually, creating a host of different FA leaderboards to peruse based on the filters you want to look at repeatedly.

We hope you find this tool useful. If you want to thank someone for the hard work putting it together, throw your kudos at Brandon Warne, and to David Appelman for coming up with the Custom Leaderboards to begin with.

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Dave is the Managing Editor of FanGraphs.

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Brandon Warne

I really didn’t do that much Dave. Honest.


Thanks anyways!


Or rather, thanks no matter how much you did.