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1. Three Moves That Just Happened, Mostly
2. GIF: Cory Burns’s Actual Real Changeup
3. SCOUT Leaderboards: Mexican Pacific League

Three Moves That Just Happened, Mostly
Here are three moves that happened yesterday (Wednesday), so far as the author can tell.

Pittsburgh Acquires Clint Robinson in Trade
Clint Robinson will turn 28 before the 2013 season begins and has slashed .308/.382/.520 over 2,875 minor-league plate appearances. Despite this — and certainly owing to the presence of other first-baseman Eric Hosmer — he received only four plate appearances total from Kansas City, ever. On Wednesday, he was traded to Pittsburgh.

Baltimore Designates Joe Mahoney for Assignment
First baseman Joe Mahoney is mostly famous — to whatever degree he’s famous — for being tall (6-foot-7, for example) and also for posting rather efficient stolen-base numbers (56:11 SB:CS) in the minors. While younger than Robinson (just above), Mahoney has also had precisely four plate appearances in the major leagues.

Texas Acquires Chanegup-ista Cory Burns
Changeup-ista is very likely not a real word. This oughtn’t obscure the very real fact, however, that right-handed reliever Cory Burns has been acquired by Texas from San Diego for a something very closely resembling “a song.” Here’s Burns’s line from 17 appearances in 2012: 18.0 IP, 19.6% K, 10.9% BB, 57.4% GB, 3.66 SIERA, 102 xFIP-, 0.0 WAR.

GIF: Cory Burns’s Actual Real Changeup
Here’s footage of Cory Burns throwing his plus changeup to Hector Sanchez in August:

SCOUT Leaderboards: Mexican Pacific League
Below are the current SCOUT leaderboards for the Mexican Pacific League. (Ages as of July 1st, 2012. Players listed with most recent team. Click here for more on what is SCOUT.)

SCOUT Leaderboard: Mexican Pacific League Hitters
Below is the current SCOUT batting leaderboard for the Mexican Pacific League. SCOUT+ is calculated using regressed home-run, walk, and strikeout rates, where 100 is average and above 100 is above average.

Player Team Age Pos PA xHR% xBB% xK% SCOUT+
Barbaro Canizares MEX 32 1B 163 5.7% 15.8% 11.0% 165
Jesse Gutierrez IND 34 1B 165 6.1% 7.7% 12.7% 141
Saul Soto MEX 33 C 153 4.8% 16.3% 20.3% 137
Marlon Byrd N/A 34 CF 168 5.7% 11.1% 22.6% 127
Wes Bankston MEX 28 1B 151 3.9% 11.4% 12.6% 126
Jesse Castillo MEX 29 3B 138 3.7% 10.0% 10.2% 125
Cory Aldridge MEX 33 OF 172 6.3% 13.4% 31.4% 124
Ramiro Pena NYA 26 SS 143 2.6% 15.3% 12.2% 124
Issmael Salas MEX 29 3B 149 4.6% 10.0% 16.8% 122
Doug Clark MEX 36 OF 162 4.4% 11.4% 18.5% 121

SCOUT Leaderboard: Mexican Pacific League Pitchers
Below is the current SCOUT pitching leaderboard for the Mexican Pacific League. SCOUT- is calculated using regressed strikeout and walk rates where 100 is average and below 100 is above average.

Player Team Age G GS IP TBF xK% xBB% SCOUT-
Michael Benacka IND 29 20 0 24.1 99 30.7% 10.6% 69
Esmailin Caridad Cubs 28 24 1 28.0 119 25.7% 8.9% 78
Hassan Pena Nationals 27 17 0 16.1 69 24.9% 9.2% 81
Adrian Ramirez MEX 24 23 0 22.2 92 24.3% 9.2% 82
Marco Duarte Red Sox 25 9 8 38.2 180 24.5% 9.6% 83
Oscar Verdugo MEX 22 23 0 29.1 115 23.5% 9.0% 84
Mario Mendoza MEX 33 22 0 18.0 70 23.5% 9.2% 85
Daniel Rodriguez MEX 27 4 2 14.0 68 22.4% 8.7% 86
Arnold Leon Athletics 23 12 0 11.1 45 23.1% 9.5% 86
Esteban Haro MEX 26 14 0 20.0 83 22.6% 9.0% 86

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How could this leaderboard pass by without note of someone named “Mario Mendoza” on it?

Well-Beered Englishman
Well-Beered Englishman

There are quite a few stellar names. Hassan Pena. I’m even fond of Wes Bankston, which reminds me of Turd Ferguson.


I’m gonna go with Issmael Salas for its having 4 of the letter S and 3 of the letter A.

But now that I’ve come back from the grave (actually the southern states of the U.S., but close enough), Well-Beered, have you ever had Holy City Brewing’s Oyster Stout. It was pretty good, in terms of a drinking stout. Not as complex as an Old Rasputin, but still delicious.

Well-Beered Englishman
Well-Beered Englishman

Doc C! You’re back at last!

I’ve never even heard of Holy City Brewing. That sounds quite enjoyable. I attended a beer/chocolate pairing in Austin last month and found to my surprise that I (and my friends) very slightly preferred Left Coast Voodoo Stout to Old Rasputin. And, in the category of ‘think neither of us is likely to ever see again,’ I was fortunate enough to try three sips of Ms. Beered’s limited-release bottle of ”Stone Collaborations Mint Chocolate Imperial Stout,” which may be in my all-time top five. Unfortunately she wouldn’t let me have any more.


Yeah, I was in the Charleston, SC area for entirely too long. Had some delicious food and got to the Charleston Beer Exchange, which is small but has a really impressive selection… But I’m much more at home in the midwest, haha. Holy City is out of Charleston, and a bunch of the local bars and restaurants had their porter on tap, but the Oyster Stout was really good.

And I occasionally see Left Coast beers of varying sorts, so I will have to look for the Voodoo Stout. Currently, I’ve got too many beers and not enough time or money for them, though. Went to the store last night for some Great Lakes Christmas Ale (which is delicious if you are into those kinds of things) and found out that they had Southern Tier’s Krampus and Three Floyds’ Alpha Klaus in finally, and so now I will have to get those for my Christmas Day drinking. And they had Bell’s expedition stout for about 16 dollars, so I need to decide if it’s worth it to me. I also brought back a bunch of stuff from Charleston, though, so it’s tough for me to want to spend big money on stuff when I already have too much (a 6 pack amber ale from Charleston, and a 22 of a super dark rye, a seasonal from Sweetwater out of Atlanta, and a couple of others.)

The one I am most excited about is one kinda like that limited release you tried. Also an Imperial stout, but this one is from Westbrook out of South Carolina and then Evil Twin, who make really good imperial stouts. If you ever have a chance to try their biscotti one on tap, it’s insane. It’s like a dessert drink, and isn’t something I would want regularly, as I am not too fond of sweetness, but it is so easy to drink and has a really high alcohol content. I’ll let you know how this one goes, but it was like 17 dollars for a 22 oz bottle and I know that I will never be able to find it again even if it is the greatest thing I ever have.