FanGraphs Chat – 11/13/12

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The Tulo/Longo > Braun item is interesting.

Since 2009, Braun has logged 104 more games than Longoria and Tulowitzki and 156 games more than Tulowitzki. He has the highest peak. His peak is not BABIP-fueled, as his BABIPs for the last two years have been .350 and .346, which are in line with his 4-year BABIP of .345.

Braun is a year older than Tulowitzki and two years older than Longoria.

What I wonder about is position-based longevity. Or, player-specific longevity. Is there something about Tulo and Longoria their positions that make them more likely to be injured?

Braun seems like a really “safe” player. Meaning that you’re more likely to get his big value with the bat for more games because he’s not going to expose himself to the same injuries on the field as guys like Longoria or Tulowitzki.

They’re all great players. But I think I would choose Braun of the three. He’s playing the best right now. He’s healthy. And I think, based on his style of play, he might be a better injury risk. He certainly isn’t diving for balls in the infield very often or covering a base where he might get spiked.

It’s certainly an interesting question.