FanGraphs Meetup: Chicago (Tonight!)

It’s time to hang out with your local favorite writers and talk baseball… when there’s no baseball on. (It actually makes for better conversations, because everything you say doesn’t trail off into ellipses when something happens on the field.)

I’m off to Minneapolis for the All-Star game and then on to Chicago for Pitchfork and BeerGraphs business, so we’ll take this show on the road.

First up is a co-sponsored event with Twins Daily, who was gracious enough to reserve a space and get two kegs dedicated to attendees. FanGraphs and BeerGraphs will supplement with free appetizers. We may add some writers to the list as we go along, but for now, you’ll see the following at the event for sure

Mason’s Restaurant and Barre, Minneapolis
Monday, July 14th, 4:30-6:30

Eno Sarris, FanGraphs and BeerGraphs
David Temple, FanGraphs
Brandon Warne, FanGraphs
John Bonnes, TwinsDaily
Aaron Gleeman, HardballTalk and TwinsDaily
Seth Stohs, TwinsDaily
Nick Nelson, TwinsDaily
Parker Hageman, TwinsDaily
Brock Beuchamp, TwinsDaily
Bill Parker, SBN
Jack Moore, SportsOnEarth and The Score
Nicholas Campion, The Inverted W
Tom Flynn, Mighty Flynn

Next up, Chicago! The boring Thursday with no baseball shall not be boring again. We will gather, and we will drink great beers, and we will dream about the perfect roster together. FanGraphs and BeerGraphs will provide snacks.

The Rocking Horse, Chicago
Thursday, July 17th, 5-9

Eno Sarris, FanGraphs and BeerGraphs
David Wiers, FanGraphs
Matt Dennewitz, BeerGraphs
J.R. Shirt, BeerGraphs
Greg Sasso, BeerGraphs
Harry Pavlidis, BrooksBaseball
Andy Behrens, Yahoo
Cee Angi, SBNation
Sahadev Sharma, ESPNChicago
JJ Stankevitz, CSNChicago
Jeff Gross, Hardball Times and SaBEERmetrics
Tim Baffoe, CBS Chicago

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With a phone full of pictures of pitchers’ fingers, strange beers, and his two toddler sons, Eno Sarris can be found at the ballpark or a brewery most days. Read him here, writing about the A’s or Giants at The Athletic, or about beer at October. Follow him on Twitter @enosarris if you can handle the sandwiches and inanity.

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Title should read 7/14 and 7/17 FYI